Perfect Fit.

LUNIR patented tech allows for infinite sizing and comfort. Achieve the Ideal Fit, Every Time.

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Our Mission

Normal Silicone Apple Watchbands SUCK! they don't have enough sizing options cause there is only 7- 10 holes on most apple watchbands. For people who have big wrists, small wrists and people who don't have a comfortable experience wearing an apple watch cause its too loose or too tight. Well we at Lunir hear. you! Thats why we designed an apple watchband that has more sizing options then any other watchband on the market. Thanks for our patented track system you now have more then 50+ sizing options which allow for you to adjust the perfect watchband to have the perfect fit for you everytime. No matter what your doing we guarantee a more comfortable Apple watch wearing experience with a Lunir watchband. Whether you have large wrists, small wrists, or simply seek a comfortable fit, Lunir ensures the perfect band adjustment for every wearer. Say goodbye to the hassle of ill-fitting bands and experience unparalleled comfort with Lunir.

Compatible With Every Apple Watch

Adaptable to any Apple watch you own, whether it's Series 9, Ultra 2 or SE 2. We fit every apple watch from every generation.

Odor-Free and Waterproof Material

Say goodbye to unpleasant smells, and sweat even during the most active days, thanks to our innovative material.

Patented Track System

Our bands feature a detailed patented track system for effortless adjustment, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for all wrist sizes.

Up to 40% savings compared to buying off Apple

 Apple will charge you $50 -$200 for a low quality watchband that only lasts for a few months. We at Lunir understand how important you are when it comes to a good experience. Thats why we charge you only 60% of what Apple would charge you but with a better quality band.

Who We Are

Lunir Watchbands: Where style meets quality. We redefine watchband design with innovation and excellence, offering premium products that combine fashion and functionality.

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An array of diverse wristbands, each showcasing unique styles and personalities.

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Innovative Buckle System

A unique and advanced mechanism used in watch bands or straps for securing them to the wearer's wrist.

Shop by Occasion

Uncover the perfect gifts and outfits for every memorable moment. Celebrate in style with our curated selection tailored to your special occasions.

Custom Designed Wrist Bands

We understand that individual style is important, which is why our bands can be used on any watch you currently own.


What are people saying?

Elegance Meets Comfort

I'm over the moon with my Lunir Band for the Apple Watch! Its elegant design and snug fit make it feel virtually weightless, enhancing my daily outfits.


Customer from San Francisco, CA

Sleek and Versatile

The Lunir Band has truly transformed my Apple Watch experience. The craftsmanship is outstanding, and setting it up was incredibly easy. Although I wish there were more colors to choose from, the available options are sleek and versatile. It's become an essential part of my daily wear.

Allen Lyn

Customer from Seattle, WA

Active Lifestyle Approved

While I had lofty expectations for the Lunir Band, it has absolutely lived up to the hype. The sleek, modern design is a standout, and though it's faced a few scratches, it's held up remarkably well to my active lifestyle.

David Kim

Customer from Salt Lake City, UT

Great Selection and Quality

The Lunir Band has been an incredible find for my Apple Watch! It strikes the perfect balance between elegance and practicality. It's versatile enough for workouts, office hours, and evenings out, maintaining its charm in every setting. It's so adaptable and stylish that I seldom switch it out for another.

Sophia Martinez

Customer from Miami, FL